HAMMERBROOKLYN. DigitalPavillon becomes first to receive PLATINUM SMART BUILDING CERTIFICATION in Germany

HAMMERBROOKLYN.DigitalPavillon becomes first to receive PLATINUM SMART BUILDING CERTIFICATION in Germany

HAMMERBROOKLYN.DigitalPavillon by Art-Invest Real Estate receives a Platinum from Smart Building Certification. The 7,300 m2  innovation hub and office building, delivered to community space Factory in mid 2021, is the first building in Germany to achieve the certification.

Köln/Hamburg, 06. September 2021

„Reusing the American Expo Milan pavilion and enhancing it with state-of-the-art smart building technology, Art-Invest Real Estate has set new standards for sustainability and building intelligence in their Hammerbrooklyn. Digital Pavillon.“ – Nicholas White, Head of Operations and Strategy at Smart Building Certification.

The goal was to create a flexible, future-proof smart building infrastructure capable of supporting the maximum use cases for all stakeholders. The building continues to push innovation by involving Factory’s members and Hammerbrooklyn Youth Innovation Centre.

”Community and people are at the core of Factory Hammerbrooklyn, and the smart building is the perfect example of human-centric design that leverages cutting-edge technology to create a healthy, productive, sustainable and inspiring environment for our members.
– Martin Eyerer, CEO Factory Berlin + Factory Hammerbrooklyn.

Hammerbrooklyn. Digital Pavillon received an overall PLATINUM with individual high scores in all 6 areas of the certification: 1) building usage 2) building performance 3) health safety and security 4) building environment 5) user experience and collaboration 6) connectivity and integrative design. Points were also awarded for innovation initiatives such as cooperation with universities and research institutions.

Technologies were streamlined to decrease the amount of technologies for simplicity of infrastructure yet reaching maximum impact. “This agile smartness is something we expect to see in the future and emphasizes Art-Invest Real Estate’s forward thinking. They have vetted technologies in their lab to be complimentary, easily integrated, and provide a seamless experience.”- Elizabeth Nelson, Co-Founder at Smart Building Certification

„Art-Invest Real Estate believes that intelligent, sustainable and healthy buildings are the future of real estate. As we strive to perfect our approach for all of our upcoming smart buildings and are pleased to share, learn, and contribute to the ecosystem.“ – Johannes Nussbaum, Head of Innovation at Art-Invest Real Estate

The Smart Building Certification promotes wellbeing, sustainability, performance, innovation, and health and safety in the built environment by recognizing buildings that have smart tech infrastructure. EDGE Olympic Amsterdam was the first building awarded Platinum. Hammerbrooklyn. Digital Pavillon joins this league of world-leading Smart Buildings.

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